Cardi B Violated ‘Covid Protocol’ By Kissing Girls In New Music Video!! (Pics)

February 6, 2021
Celebrity Gossip

Cardi B released her newest song, and music video UP yesterday and it’s a HUGE hit. The song is catchy, and the video is AMAZING.

But MTO News has a bit of tea surrounding the filming if the video – which took place in Los Angeles a few weeks ago – during the COVID lockdown.

According to a person close to Cardi, many people on the set claimed that Cardi and her dancers “broke COVID protocol” by kissing in the first scene.

The insider explained, “We were filming in COVID and everyone had to get tested. But we were also really careful on set – wearing masks between takes, et cetera.”

Cardi’s acquaintance continued, “All of a sudden they all started kissing – which wasn’t scripted – and people got nervous.”


Bryshere Grey Acting CRAZY (; 2:00)

Luckily, MTO News confirmed that no one on the set contracted COVID as a result of the filming.

Here are some images from Cardi’s new video, which is extremely HOT:


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